TMMBot Software,
it’s a Gold Shop Management System,
designed to support and transform the gold
biz/shop from traditional to be modern
and save cost alot. It’s a product of TMM.
It has warranty on quality
for 2 years plus consultation. This system
can help owners who do gold business
or non-gold business
earning while they are sleeping.
Currently, more and more gold shops and
new-start gold biz are using and benefit from
this software. If you are looking for
While You Are Sleeping
TMMBot Software
is a good system for you.

TESTIMONIAL – សក្ខីកម្មរបស់អ្នកប្រើប្រាស់កន្លងមក

We aslo have more digital technology
products such as:
-||- Retirement Management System
-||- School Management System
-||- Hotel Management System
-||- Mini-Mart Management System
-||- HR Management System
-||- Taxi App Management System
-||- Real Estate Agent Management System
-||- Gold Shop Management System
-||- and so on

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